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Panda and friend.

Still flailing around, artistically, in as much as I know what I want to do as a creation but haven’t got the energy to start it… Hence doodling around and trying to find a moment of something or other.

This came out of a three hour stint invidulating an exam. There’s only so much watching students work silently before you can start doodling so I drew this through the exam and coloured it through my lunch hour which I managed to take between 3.45 and 4.30. It’s not exactly my thing: the character or the style (I was apeing a much better and well known comic book artist called Mitch Breitweiser and one of his pictures (to be found at www.comictwart.com, a site of which I could be better described as stalker as much as fan). Anyhow, not bad for a couple of hours work. Didn’t open a door of decision for me or anything and I’m still not really ready to start the project in my mind, but a welcome distraction from looking at the back of people’s heads in a quiet room if nothing else…

Click for larger version