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Way back when, when I was a different me… (4).

A long while ago I wrote books (that’s probably a blog post to come) and then, when the time wasn’t there to write them I decided to draw them instead. Then, going through my backup CD images and finding a very cool website called Blurb.com I decided to put the two things together and make a printed art book.

Probably sounds very vain. Sort of was, but mainly I was trying to come up with different ideas to present my work in a portfolio style format which I could take to work interviews. Actually there’s probably a blog post about that sometime soon but I can’t find one of the things I would need to write that one…

So anyway, some images from a book of my artwork from the mid-80s to mid-08 when I was primarily computer bound:

This last one sort of catches the whole 20 years in one 48 image spread. Games worked on (Populous 2 Mac version – never released, Theme Park, Top Gun, Top Gun 2/The Cabal – never released, Burning Ambition – never released- spot a trend?), speculative games (Heroes Inc., Ro-Ra, Sunchasers), 2d, 3d, comics and all sorts. I suspect if I’d focused on something I’d possibly be more organised and methodical but then again that’s very much not me and I’d likely never have hit the tablets… Screens that is.

On the very unlikely chance this has whet your appetite for more scribblings prior to my hitting the tablets you can buy it (and more than three of you doing so could double the sales figures 😉 ) >>here<<*

*Actually, blimey, I wouldn’t blame you for not. Blurb’s prices seem way higher than I ever remember them. Yikes.