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Road bump.

Oh boy. Sometimes I’d like dull. Hey ho I guess if I can keep my hair through latest road bump then I’ll be a wookie, my son.

Or something like that.

Also: doodled this on the bus to a lunchtimes worth of schools work today. Was fun although as I was described variously as: Jesus, Chuck Norris or Adam from The Hangover I wonder if anyone actually got the message I was carrying or just involved in a debate amongst themselves as to who I looked like the most.

Worryingly this file (well, some of the variants I was hiving off) are glitching like mad which is a little concerning bearing in mind I’m just over halfway through Wombat at the moment. Hmmmmm…. Hope it’s a temporary issue. We’ll see.

So: day of three halves for me: school work was fun, road bump less so and Brushes causing first furrows of frowniness. Time to sleep, hopefully not to dream.

Ooooh quiet in here isn’t it?

Work proceeds apace on Wombat Wambot, my online comic drawn almost entirely in Brushes. It’s happening now at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wombat-Wambot/373739641256 with one page a day uploaded (weekdays, I deserve a break now and again) from now until July.

Or so the plan goes…

Also: Oh Apple why do you taunt me with a ‘buy your iPad now’ email when you know I am in t he UK and cannot buy one until the end of April when it’s released way off in the future two months 🙁

Updates soon, honest, but for the moment Wombat’s sit heavily on my brain.

Edit: Also also, should I post the pages here? Would that make sense? I wonder…